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FueledDance Our next 10-week session of Kingdom Ballerinas starts Thursday (2/21/19). This is the perfect introduction to danc… https://t.co/fiN5Qxg92t
FueledDance We invite you to join us tomorrow (Sunday, 2/10/19) for LET IT SHINE 2019 - 4:30pm @ the Central Community Center… https://t.co/yvp2Llcn5l
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Learn the foundations of ballet, worship dance, and your royal identity as a child of God! This 40 minute class is designed with our youngest dancers in mind. Dancers will be introduced to age-appropriate ballet technique, worship dance, and creative expression through movement in addition to weekly devotionals. [Ages 3-5] Class Requirements: MUST be potty trained

Pre-Ballet is a 40 minute class designed to introduce students to a more formal study of classical ballet through age appropriate skill development, creative expression, and music appreciation, while exploring the connection between dance, rhythm, and music. Age appropriate ballet vocabulary is included in the lessons complemented by stretching and strengthening exercises in preparation for more formal training. No prior dance experience needed. [Ages 5-7]
Ballet is the foundation for all dance training. Students will be instructed in barre work, center floor work, and traveling steps in order to develop the essential technique of balance, body control, and muscle memory. Ballet also promotes flexibility and muscular strength while emphasizing correct body placement. [Beg/Int-Ages 7]
*Placement class required for int/adv level classes
This class will take dancers on an adventure as they learn about different ethnic dances from around the globe. Students will explore dance styles from other cultures such as African, Polynesian, and Irish step dancing. This class is an incredible opportunity for dancers to experience new styles of music, movement, and even dancing with instruments - all while learning about other cultures. Cultural Dance is an open-level recreational class. [Ages 9+]
Kids Hip Hop is a great introductory class for your energetic, younger dancers. Students will enjoy an upbeat and high-energy class that focuses on musicality, rhythm, and basic locomoter movements in preparation for more complex moves and combinations in Hip-Hop I. All of our hip-hop classes use family-friendly music and modest dance moves to allow our students to experience this popular dance style in a God-glorifying environment. [Ages 7-9]
This class combines the disciplines of jazz and tap, giving the dancer exposure to both genres in a 40 minute class. Jazz is the style of dance often seen on Broadway or television. Students warm up with stretching, isolations, strengthening exercises, and “across the floor” exercises including turns and leaps. We’ll incorporate a combination that is usually fast-paced and rhythmically-based. Our jazz classes use-family friendly music and movements to allow the dancer to experience this exciting dance style in a God-glorifying environment. Tap is a discipline in which sounds and rhythms are created with tap shoes. Students learn the fundamentals of tap including shuffles, time steps and flaps. [Ages 8-12]
Contemporary dance technique is made up of a combination of ballet, modern, and jazz dance techniques. Contemporary dance choreography is very expressive and often stronger and faster than ballet. Students should have a solid ballet foundation prior to enrolling in contemporary classes. [Ages 9+]
Turns, leaps, and tricks is a special class where we help dancers work on these often challenging areas of dance. This is a great class for dancers looking to improve and increase their skill set. [Ages 9+]
Students will cover methods and choreographic techniques through experimentation and feedback. Choreographic tools taught in this class are rooted in modern dance principles. This class is perfect for dancers who want to learn how to create their own unique dance pieces. [Ages 10+]
An exercise class designed to develop strength and confidence in dancers. Dance conditioning can be helpful in improving balance, heightening jumps, increasing flexibility and range of motion, and preventing injuries. The 30 minute class is just what you need to take your technique to the next level! [Ages 9+]