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FueledDance The box office is now open! Reserve your seats today for our annual spring dance production: https://t.co/TaVpkwztXS https://t.co/1shoPKnfzI
FueledDance We are so proud of all these young women and the hard work they put into creating their own… https://t.co/1oBrQ1PcQ6
FueledDance Our students have been working hard for the last couple of months to create their very own dance… https://t.co/7QKPg0CpHb


Fueled & Aflame Dance Company’s Apprentice Program gives dancers an opportunity to rehearse and train with company artists and includes additional learning opportunities in regards to dance company life. Apprentices have the opportunity to learn and be put to work in the areas of dance production (costuming, lighting, sound), dance marketing (social media, administration, and communications), and dance discipleship (taking a leadership role in cultivating an atmosphere of worship within Illuminate Dance Company and leading dancer devotional times). These are all additional learning opportunities the dancer can volunteer for outside of our normal rehearsal schedule. Apprentices will be expected to be at ALL company rehearsals including our twice monthly Friday gathering and any additional rehearsals schedules which will be posted approximately 4 weeks prior to a performance. Apprentices are also invited to attend the IGNITE Training Class on Saturdays from 12-1pm for extra training at no additional charge.

Some rehearsals/performances could require travel out of town and/or out of state. These activities are optional and dancers may be invited to participate in those opportunities with a project-based commitment. Dancers that choose to participate in out of town rehearsals and/or performances  are required to cover all of their own travel costs in addition to the Apprentice Program fees.

Please note: Due to the heavier rehearsal schedules and travel demands of the touring company - dancers accepted to the Apprentice Program will not be able to participate in Illuminate Dance Company. Also, dancers involved in extracurricular activities such sports and band programs will most likely not be able to meet the commitments of this program. If invited to be a part of the Apprentice Program - please spend time praying about which program would be the best fit for you and your family! Illuminate Dance Company may offer the dancer more performance opportunities while the Apprentice Program will offer a more thorough training experience which would be valuable to those dancers interested in pursuing a dance career or auditioning for a college dance program. Dancers must be 16 to audition for the apprentice program.

For more information about our programs, please visit these pages: